• Private Appointments

• Custom Fitting

• Shaping and Styling

• Wide Variety of Styling Tools and Aids


22nd Street Hair Studio offers more than many wigs stores in Cleveland, Ohio. Not only do we provide quality and the best selection of wigs, but we also customize the wig to fit your style as well as provide training and the tools you’ll need to maintain your wig.







Wigs for Cancer Patients & Women Experiencing Hair Loss

At 22nd Street Hair Studio, we understand hair loss is one of the scariest things for any women. We have designed our wig boutique to be private and personal, where you can select the perfect wig to get your confidence back. Our collection includes short wigs, medium wigs, and long wigs in a variety of colors to compliment any face shape and personal style.

After you have found the perfect wig, we won’t just let you walk out the door. Your wig should be just as unique as you are, that’s why we service your wig to accentuate every curve and beautiful feature of your face. Our wig expert has spent years mastering the technique of cutting and styling wigs, which is a technique that is most different from cutting natural hair. Once the wig has been customized, we will provide you training and the tools to manage and maintain your wig so you don’t only feel confident when you leave our salon, but everyday.

Meet Our Wig Expert

Hello, my name is Gail. I am a wig fitter and wig stylist, as well as the owner of 22nd Street Hair Studio. Working with wigs in Cleveland, Ohio is an endeavor that is near and dear to my heart. It is through my personal experience with my mom that I began and continue to work with these wonderful women. Years ago, department stores sold wigs and the process was very impersonal and degrading. Each and every women deserves to feel and look her best and I strive to provide excellent service and experience. I also encourage women to bring a family member or a friend during a fitting to get that extra opinion to achieve the best look. Any wig that is purchased includes shaping, thinning, and/or styling. There is a charge for those that are brought in from an outside source. If you have any questions about our wigs or how the process works, please call our salon. I look forward to working with you.

Your experience will begin with a private appointment, at that time, we will discuss what type of look you want to achieve. I will be more than happy to show you the vast varieties of colors available and curl patterns. Once you have selected your wig, we will then discuss how easy it is to care for your new piece and the products needed.

*Before arrival of your appointment, please check with your insurance carrier. Many policies will cover all or part of a wig purchased.